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About the MG Car Company
Early Midgets leaving the MG Car Company factory in Abingdon, UK

The MG Car Company, otherwise known as simply 'MG', was a British automotive manufacturer which began in the early 1920s, when Cecil Kimber began to produce sporty variations of standard Morris vehicles. These variations were badged as 'MG', and throughout its history, MG was always known for its sports cars.

The brand has many well known and successful models, including the T-series of the 1930s, 40s and 50s, and the MGB, produced betwen 1962 and 1980. It was cheap, fun, sporty two door roadsters, like the MGB, that influenced the Mazda's MX-5 we see today.

In the early 1950s, MG became one of the brands forming the British Motor Corporation (BMC), which in itself became British Leyland in the 1970s. Although ceasing just over a decade later, British Leyland was reborn as the Rover Group in the mid-80s, and by the early 90s was sold to BMW.

In 2000, BMW passed the MG brand on to a new owner, the MG Rover Group, and MG once more returned to its homeland of England. Unfortunately, just 5 years later, the MG Rover Group fell into receivership and it appeared as though this well loved car marque was to fade into history for good.

In 2005, the MG brand was purchased by the SAIC Motors (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp) in China (formerly Nanjing Automobile Group). New models, such as the MG3 small hatch, MG6 sedan, along with MG's first SUVs, the GS and ZS, continue to keep the brand alive today.

MG cars, both old and new, are still popular today, with tens of thousands of owners and fans around the world. Australia itself includes over a dozen dedicated MG car clubs, each of witch is a great source of knowledge, fun and friendship.

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