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Terms and conditions

Last update: Sunday, 9th September 2018

Thank you for using MG Buy Swap Sell. By using this site, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Terms
  2. Accuracy of content
  3. Approval and ammendment of content
  4. Removal of content
  5. Usage of content
  6. Liability
  7. Privacy Policy
  8. Charges
  9. Donations
  10. Security
  11. General marketing email list
  12. Complaints
  13. Contacting MGBSS

1. Terms

Throughout the following document, these terms apply:

MGBSS - Refers to this site as accessed via the domain name, including its owners and operators.

Members - Users of MGBSS who choose to create an account on this site.

Advertisers - Members of this site who post an advertisement.

Sellers - Members of this site who sell their products, goods or services through their advertisment.

Buyers - Members or non-members who show interest, contact and/or transact with Sellers.

Content - Refers to the information published on this site within all advertisements. Content includes, but is not limited to, vehicle and part specifications, accuracy of written descriptions, photographic content and advertisers' contact details.

2. Accuracy of content

MGBSS takes no responsibility for the accuracy of content provided in the advertisements posted on this site.

Each Advertiser is responsible for the content within each of their advertisements, as well as for any contact details associated with their membership.

All Advertisers are advised to review their contact details on a regular basis to ensure accuracy.

3. Approval and ammendment of content

MGBSS has complete authority to edit or refuse any content it believes to be inappropriate for publication.

All content will be reviewed before being published on the site. Once published, Advertisers are able to ammend content further, however this will also be reviewed before the changes are published.

4. Removal of content

Advertisers are free to remove their content from this site at their own accord, however ads listed longer than six (6) months will automatically expire from the site. Advertisers are able to re-submit their ad for publishing if they wish their ad to be listed for longer period.

MGBSS has no responsibility in the loss of content removed by an Advertiser and are not required to restore content through any means of electronic data recovery.

5. Usage of content

MGBSS reserves the right to use any content, including photographs, submitted to the site for the purposes of marketing, promotion and advertising of its services and the site itself.

6. Liability

MGBSS is not liable for any injury or damages caused by products, goods or services purchased or inspected via advertisements posted on this site.

The purpose of MGBSS is to provide a means for Members to publish classifieds advertisement online, providing a means for Buyers and Sellers to make initial contact.

Any transactions, including the exchange of further information or money through any means, is an agreement between Buyers and Sellers.

MGBSS has no responsibilty for the transactions undertaken outside of its control.

7. Privacy Policy

As Members of MGBSS, your privacy is very much respected. For that reason your name and contact details will never be shared with any external parties or used to contact you in regards to matters other than those related to MGBSS directly.

It must be noted by all Advertisers however, that the display of your name, contact number and location is a requirement of advertising on this site. The ability of third parties to obtain these details from your advertisement is outside the control of MGBSS.

All names and contact details submitted through the site are encrypted when stored, to further ensure security of all information submitted.

As a potential Buyer, when you make an online enquiry to an Advertiser, your name, contact details, along with the date and time of your enquiry and the enquiry itself, will be recorded for the benefit of the relevant member whose ad you have enquiried about. This allows the Advertiser to contact you if need be.

Members are able to access their contact details and make ammendments at any time. Members can do this by logging in to MGBSS and using the 'Edit your details' page.

8. Charges

Use of MGBSS is completely free. You can join the site, post ads and edit ads at no cost what so ever, however donations towards the running of the site are greatly appreciated.

If, at any time, this is to change, all members will be informed via email.

9. Donations

Donations towards the running of MGBSS are appreciated and absolutely voluntary.

Donations are to be made via PayPal following the appropriate link/s provided on the MGBSS web site, and can be made using a PayPal account or a debit/credit card.

MGBSS has no access to the account or card details used to submit donations, only the names, amounts and email addresses of donators are forwarded to MGBSS as notice of any donation made.

10. Security

Data encryption is used within MG Buy Swap Sell to ensure the security of:

  1. Contacts details for all Members, Advertisers, Buyers and Sellers using the site.
  2. Data transferred from the MG Buy Swap Sell online payment page to Australia Post's SecurePay service.

Data transferred between MGBSS and Australia Post is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology - an industry standard for the delivery of sensitive information across the internet.

11. General marketing email list

When creating an account on this site, all members are automatically added to the MGBSS general marketing email list.

Other recipients on the marketing email list will be added at the description of the operators and owners of MGBSS.

Any recipient can choose to unsubscribe from the general marketing email list. Members unsubscribing the general marketing email list will still continue to receive emails confirming ad approvals and enquiries.

12. Complaints

All complaints are to be directed to

13. Contacting MGBSS

All users can contact MGBSS via email at

Help keep MG Buy Swap Sell free for its users and show your support.
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